Axis Foils

If you have visited any of New Zealand’s regular foiling spots chances are you have seen Axis Foils attached to a variety of boards.

Axis Foils are designed in New Zealand by Adrian Roper and Kevin Trotter, icons of Kiwi board building.

A huge amount of engineering and design goes into the production of foils. No different to the America’s Cup, just personalised and on a smaller scale. As efficient as foils are, they need to be built to withstand huge forces. This means they are expensive, around NZ$2,400 for a complete foil rig. Because wingfoiling is a new watersport the gear is evolving rapidly. New foiling gear will always be an improvement on the previous model. Yes, there are cheap foils for sale on Trademe and Facebook, but you always get what you pay for. Much of the new foil gear is designed to make learning and progression easier. Axis is no different to other leading foil brands, in that they have many foil options (different shapes and sizes) to choose from. This large range caters for beginner to pro riders, light to heavy weight, wind strength, waves and/or flat water. If you are new to wingfoiling this massive choice must be overwhelming. Our aim is to simplify the process of buying a foil to help you get into wingfoiling.

You can see the full range on the Axis Foils website here.

Please contact us to discuss the Axis Foil option best suited for you.