Froth Carbon Foilboard

Specifically designed for wing foiling by iconic Kiwi board builder Adrian Roper. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) / carbon construction. Lightweight and strong. Twin tracks on the bottom allow you to adjust your foil position fore and aft. Extra nose volume promotes an easier take-off. Chines on the bottom make for smooth touch downs. This is a technical shape with the latest concepts for performance riding. A very stable design relative to the board’s volume. The handle on the bottom helps with carrying the board when combined with your hand wing. Ride strapless or use the multiple inserts for front and rear straps.


6’6″ x 30.5″ 140 litres NZ$2,439
6’0″ x 29″ 125 litres NZ$2,402
5’9″ x 28″ 110 litres NZ$2,372
5’7″ x 27.5″ 105 litres NZ$2,372
5’5″ x 27″ 100 litres NZ$2,341
5’2″ x 26.5″ 90 litres NZ$2,311
5’0″ x 26″ 80 litres NZ$2,311
4’9″ x 25.5″ 70 litres NZ$2,229