Flysurfer Mojo Wing

Limited stock of Mojo Wings now available in New Zealand.

  • 2.8m / NZ$1,165
  • 3.5m / NZ$1,250
  • 4.5m / NZ$1,330
  • 5.2m / NZ$1,415
  • 6.2m / NZ$1,580

“Flysurfer Mojo hand wings on the water in New Zealand”

Axis Foils 999 ART, 374/64 Progressive Rear, Axis Froth 90L 5’1″ x 25’5″, Flysurfer Mojo 4.5m. Fun swell riding in 15-17 knots of onshore breeze at Matauri Bay, 40 minutes north of Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand.
First time on the new Flysurfer Mojo 6.2m hand wing with the Axis 1300 front wing on a 90L Axis Froth foilboard.
Nice swell riding in 17+ knots of wind at Tapuaetahi Beach, just north of Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
Watch Hugo Wigglesworth testing the Flysurfer Mojo 4.5m in Paihia in March 2021. Hugo’s specialty is kiteboarding, but his wingfoiling is progressing.

Flysurfer started in 2001 in Germany as a manufacturer of high-quality kites, boards and paragliders, which are sold around the world. Flysurfer’s focus on design, performance and innovation has resulted in their Mojo handwing, which was released in 2021.

The design goal of the MOJO is efficiency. Powerful, balanced, and energy-saving to maximize water time. The surf wing generates constant propulsion through its straight V-shape, protruding outline, and pre-tensioned sail. Upwind performance, handling while overpowered and stability of the roll axis are outstanding. The large diameter of the middle of the leading edge and the strut as well as their separate air chambers via two valves make the construction particularly rigid to withstand the high loads of jumps. There is no hose to accidetally pull on. The MOJO could not be more versatile and covers the full spectrum, from beginner training to big wave surfing.



SIZES: 2.8 / 3.5 / 4.5 / 5.2 / 6.2 / 7.0
FOCUS: Surf performance
SKILL LEVEL: Beginner – Professional