How to Gybe Your Wingfoil

How To Gybe Your Wing Foil
1. First learn what to do with your wing, feet and board.
2. Forget trying to stay on the foil at this early stage.
3. You will have a “good side” and a “bad side”.
4. Foiling will feel much easier on your “good side”
5. What your “good side” is depends on if you are a “goofy foot” or “regular foot”.
6. Goofy is right foot forward.
7. Regular is left foot forward.
8. Gybing is simply turning around in the same direction that the wind is blowing towards.
9. On your “bad side” switch your feet BEFORE you start your turn (carve the board).
10. Change direction (gybe) of your wing EARLY by letting go of your back hand and swapping it with your front hand.
11. The power of the wing will help you complete your turn.
12. There is a different technique for gybing on your “good side”.
13. You switch your feet AFTER you have completed your board turn and changed the direction of your wing.
14. This may mean you ride off in your new direction “toeside” until such time as you have switched your feet.

Initially forget trying to foil through the gybe.
First learn to turn, switch your feet and gybe the wing.
Bad side – switch feet before your turn.
Gybe the wing early by swapping your front hands.
Good side – turn first, then switch feet after.